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Ethical Table’s owner & operator, Chef Mike Sonier, is taking a new approach within the food and beverage industry after spending the last couple of years away from the typical restaurant grind. After many travelled kilometres with a considerable distance covered, he found his passion laid best with networking amongst industry folks as he gained inspiring educational experiences while sharing his own. Chef Sonier’s dream vision when starting his career many years ago was to choose a life where he would never stop expanding his knowledge and to push himself into new directions. Spending many years within the restaurant business, he grew his education through hands-on experience by operating various food & beverage businesses. Specializing in catered private dinner and pop-up events were where he found his pride-and-joy peak as the networking, collaborations and partnerships were the most vibrant. Chef truly believes it’s a collaborative age where we will succeed by building our industry’s team tighter through networking to grow and expand our knowledge. Ethical Table’s mission is to continuously collaborate and build strong teams that allow the benefits of quality culinary cuisine to flourish through successful and efficiently operated businesses.


farm focused • local supportive • sustainable integrity • COLLABORATIVe mission

The ability to provide nourishment from the community - back to the community, is something I take pride in.
— chef mike sonier

C h e f S t o r y


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Growing up on the East Coast of Canada in New Brunswick, Mike Sonier started cooking at the age of 13 where he soon found himself addicted to long hours in the kitchen. After spending many years in restaurants along the East Coast cooking different styles of cuisine in various cities and running one of his own, Chef Sonier decided to chase his dreams of being in the mountains of British Columbia and getting his adrenaline fix by snowboarding, downhill biking and surfing.

Sonier has now spent the last ten years travelling around Canada collaborating with various businesses, amongst running his restaurants focused on creating locally inspired menus that support each community. He has adapted to an extensive range of ingredients such as wild game from the Rockies, foraged elements found throughout the mountain range and coastlines, seafood from both the West to The East Coast and everything from beautiful produce, cheese & wine from British Columbia's wine/farming capital - 'The Okanagan.' After all of the years combined with creating daily fresh sheet menus for his restaurants, he is extremely excited to share many of these creations with all of you through his upcoming cookbook.

Chef Sonier's focus with Ethical Table is to bring families and friends back around the dinner table in their home sharing food amongst one another, tasting the local communities flavours. It feels like we're slowing disconnecting from one another in this day and age where most traditional family dining is in front of the television or with a device in hand. It is our job as Chefs to create food that will turn the attention of our guests, giving them an unforgettable experience that they will share. We begin all of our private dining events with sharing dishes to pull people together into an intimate setting creating food talk. We genuinely believe that there is nothing that brings people closer together than time well spent conversing over excellent food in the comfort of your own home.

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