Menu Optimization

Ethical Table’s highly experienced culinary team specializes in this category by developing menu’s and recipes that will bring all your dishes alive. Sourcing local farmers, foragers and bakeries to pair your business dreams with a true farm-to-table concept. We understand menu creation is one of the most important foundations of successful food and beverage operations. Our team of expertise will fine-tune featured menu categories that have appropriate item counts to match your concept. We will find the most ideal distributors to deliver the highest quality product while considering targeted food cost, profit contribution and ensuring consistent product execution. Creating innovative menu concepts that compliment your brand, culture, mission, and vision. We will work with you to develop strategies for efficient menu marketing that include food seasonality importance from both a quality economic stand-point as well as a financial one. Understanding of cross-utilization of ingredients for balancing food costs and preparation for efficiency.

Wine Pairings

Blessed with the Okanagan’s wine selection, we believe that offering a comprehensive wine list that pairs perfectly with your menu will bring guests back. We train your staff and your culinary team to understand and recommend unique and approachable pairings.

Featured Cocktails & Craft Beer

Ethical Table has experience uplifting your bar scene to the next level with innovative seasonal cocktail recipes that will impress your guests. Helping create the cocktails for your concept that keeps your bar full for each season of the year. British Columbia has some of the best craft beer companies to offer and we believe they should shine bright as options. Partnering with breweries that are dynamic for your menu and concept to provide our craft beer lovers with satisfying selection and quality.

Take-Out Recommendations

Sustainability is our passion and we believe carrying products that are eco-friendly, compostable while making positive environmental movements. We have collaborated with various companies to suit your business concept perfectly … we also offer plate ware, glassware, small ware, cookware recommendations.

Local Vendor Suppliers & Distributors

We are unique to the restaurant consultant scene in regards to working closely with our neighbours within the province to deliver quality product that seasonally matches with our regions offerings. We will do the hands-on work to build these relationships for you while supporting our surrounding smaller businesses.

Recipe Documentations

Ensuring consistent product is met each service is important for a successful business. We will put in place proper food costing booklets, spec booklets, plate assembly instructions and dietary restrictions/allergy information.

Food Safety Plans

HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level. Accessibility and training is vitally important for food and beverage hospitality to be successful and sanitary.