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existing improvement

Our experienced team can improve your restaurant's operations and processes, resulting in a successful business and financial outcome. Developing new menus to create incredible dining experiences for your guests; Learning proper implementation for your business to gain more control financially; staff training to have a properly functioning restaurant where everyone is on the same team; concept revitalization to spruce up your already great start and bring it to the next level.

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opening assistance

This can be a daunting task, but with experienced help, you can ease into a profitable business. The overall idea is understanding hiring, menu development, marketing your new business, brand development, staff training, systems and procedures, food turnaround, kitchen spec book, cost control, management and staffing, inventory sheets and essential bookkeeping.

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menu + recipe development

Creating innovative menu concepts that compliment your brand, culture, mission, and vision. We will work with you to develop strategies for efficient menu marketing that include food seasonality importance from both a quality economic stand-point as well as a financial one. Understanding of cross-utilization of ingredients for balancing food costs and preparation for efficiency.


marketing, branding + design

Creating guest attraction, building customer loyalty and positive recognition are essential to a business. Beginning with a robust marketing strategy is vital for restaurant success. Internal and external facelifts for some restaurants are needed to brand and design accordingly to concepts. Whether you are starting a business from the ground up or need to spruce up an existing business, we are fully experienced to help guide the way.


new concept developments

Creating a plan that will interest the client you want. Diving into newer markets, generate core values for your company while preparing existing customers about the new changes, understanding the competitions in the market and creating a concept that will follow updated trends. New ideas may be accompanied with original branding, furniture, staff and logos to draw guests in and start fresh.

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restaurant management

This includes looking at liquor and food inventory control; customer service skills and management, strategies for effective pricing; taking proactive approaches to gathering guest service evaluations; developing instructional guidelines for your staff to follow; instructions and create consistency for the face of the business as well as food execution. Restaurant management is a significant factor in any successful business. Learning techniques, applying methods, and creating a team that is all on board will make drastic positive changes.