B u s i n e s s e s   W e   S u p p o r t  

we believe building strong relationships with our purveyors is the heart of ethical table and we proudly support these companies that provide us with their outstanding quality products. 


vancouver island salt co.

After a decade travelling the world as a chef, Andrew's young family decided to plant their roots on beautiful Vancouver Island. Surrounded by pristine ocean waters, he wondered why Canada did not have its own Sea Salt. A friend told him that "if it could be done, it would be done"... Well, that sounded like a challenge and a bet for a case of beer was made. They spent a night on the beach boiling down sea water over a fire. In the morning, sea salt was harvested, he had won the bet (and the beer) and the rest is history.

They are very proud to offer the world a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.



Search & Rescue Denim Co. was born in the kitchen of a small apartment in Vancouver, BC with a single sewing machine.  Conceived around a love for fashion and high quality handmade goods,  S&R Denim makes exceptional products to suit your needs. Our name comes from a personal belief that we are all looking for something in life. At S&R, leading a creative life is what fulfills them. Every item is made in their studio by their small team from start to finish. They believe that a quality garment comes from the hands of a skilled craftsperson.



North Arm Knives is a small knife manufacturer in the greater Vancouver (Canada) area. We are a father and son team, John and Mike. We take great pride in making top quality knives at competitive prices, right here in BC. We make kitchen knives for use by anyone who is passionate about food and their cutting tools. We also make knives for hunters,  fishers, campers and other outdoor adventurers. Most recently we introduced a modern folding knife to our line-up, a versatile knife to handle most everyday cutting tasks. We sell our knives direct to our customers through our online store and ship internationally. Our company is named after the North Arm of the Fraser River near where we live.



Good looks for good cooks! Truecooks is a lifestyle brand and social media community centered around cooking and the lives that those who work in the kitchen. 



The Fisherman's Market ship is a symbol of our core beliefs that quality, sustainability, and affordability can be a reality. That passing along the knowledge of where our fish comes from helps to preserve the future of our beautiful coastline. 
Sustainability brings us closer to the environment. Long lines bring us closer to the fisherman. Direct contacts bring us closer to affordability. An experienced eye brings us closer to the freshest product.  Small business brings us closer to the community . Sincerity brings us closer to our customer. 
We bring everything one step closer to you.



Jerseyland Organics is a family owned and operated dairy in Grand Forks, B.C. 
In 1994 Jerseyland Cheese began commercial production after completing its transition to "Certified Organic" status. Thus making Jerseyland Organics BC 's first organic dairy and producer of organic cheese and yogurt. In 2006 Jerseyland was purchased from Ric and Vicki Llewellyn by the deVries family.


63 Acres BEEF

63 Acres was started to create a local brand of premium beef naturally raised without any added hormones or steroids. Their cattle is grass fed and grain finished for superior marbling, texture and taste and comes from carefully selected family owned farms in BC’s southern interior. They focus strictly on quality, consistently delivering delicious cuts of beef raised ethically, naturally and locally.



Resourcefully managing our resources is a long-term commitment for us. Waste should be avoided, especially when the use of living organisms are involved. We offer reliable sources for quality recycled and well-managed softwoods and hardwoods. We strive for a better way of doing business: ethically, efficiently and environmentally.



Their mission is to promote strong and healthy families and to provide our community with a choice of nutritious quality farm products while cultivating the holistic balance between land, animals and people.


kootenay meadows

The careful management of our family run farm is one of the great satisfactions of our lives. We use no pesticides, GMO's or chemical fertilizer on the land. We nurture and replenish the soil through many sustainable management practices, including the application of composted manure from the farm and whey from the cheese making process. The health of our herd is maintained following organic practices, with no hormones being used. We are certified organic with Pacific Agricultural Certification Society and also belong to Kootenay Local Agricultural Society whose mandate is to foster local, sustainable agriculture.



We have a passion for healthy,  sustainable food.  Our mission is to provide an expanding variety of healthy organic produce year round to local consumers.  We strive to make our products easily accessible to people who want to make healthy choices for their family and the environment.

In that spirit we have expanded the farm product lines in the past few years and are now offering farm gate sales of a range of product from eggs to garden produce and honey. We make regular donations to food banks and soup kitchens for those who might not be able to otherwise eat fresh and local. We also welcome farm tours and school groups in an effort to educate  and inspire our community.  



4th generation 650 acre organic farm, vineyard, and winery. Our organically-grown wine portfolio includes Roussanne/Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon, Rosé, as well as our proprietary red blends, The Bluff, MDC and the iconic, Amicitia.




Howling Moon Cider is about giving yourself permission to let go of your inhibitions, throw back your head and release a primal call to the wild. In today's world of deadlines, congestion, and expectations sometimes it helps to take a step back, assess your values, and realize that life is too short to be dictated by these realities. We're breaking free from the pack and building a revolution of free thinkers and passionate individuals. Never be afraid to live free and be yourself.


Hills foods

Hills Foods is the leading supplier of certified organic meats, wild game meat and specialty poultry products to chefs, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers in Vancouver, BC and throughout British Columbia.

Since first opening their doors for business in 1987, they have proudly supported local farmers with a reputation for the highest quality specialty livestock. They recognized early on that top chefs are turning to wild game and organic meats and poultry to produce exciting, mouth-watering culinary creations. To meet this demand, they looked no further than our own farms here in Canada, known throughout the world as growers of the finest specialty livestock.

They were the first to provide top-quality food protein products that enhance and add excitement to the dining experience. Health conscious individuals and fitness professionals have long relied on the expertise of their company to provide them with the very best clean and lean protein for their daily diet needs.



They pride themselves on being the first and only Certified Organic caviar producer in North America using only pure refined Canadian salt to naturally bring out the flavour. Their caviar is free of antibiotics and does not contain added hormones. Caviar contains omega 3’s, is high in protein and proven to promote a healthy nervous, circulatory and immune system.